Dividing Assets That Hold Sentimental Value

Whether dividing assets of a high-net-worth Texas couple, or a family of more modest means, there will always be items, which may hold little monetary value, but great sentimental value to one or both spouses. In instances where an asset holds sentimental value due to some tragic event, sentimentality is easily understood. It represents someone that one loved and lost. These items are usually worth fighting.

However, does one ever really consider the cost of fighting over that $10 piece of street art they bought on their honeymoon? Divorce is costly, to begin with, but emotions and unwillingness to settle can drive those costs up by thousands of dollars.

Unless one or both spouses are simply intent on ending up in a courtroom, assets such as houses, cars, businesses, and debts can be easily distributed equitably and fairly by settlement. It is often the sentimental items that couples find themselves in a deadlock over.

In these situations, it can be helpful to contact an experienced divorce attorney about these matters. Allow them to apply their expertise in negotiating and crafting a settlement that both parties can live with. Sentimentality, as well as real monetary value, can be taken into consideration to ensure fairness. Acting reasonably and having an open mind to an opposing spouse’s attachment to a certain asset can save thousands of dollars and much unnecessary stress. It should be the goal of every divorcing couple to move through the process quickly, calmly, and without strife. In particular, high-asset divorces should always be settled outside of the courtroom if an agreement can be reached. Where business and financial matters are involved, privacy is of utmost importance.

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