Mediation and Divorce

If you are like most couples, your marriage broke down because it has become impossible for the two of you to get along. Divorce comes when there is nothing left to talk about in most cases.

That’s why it’s a surprise to many couples asking for a divorce in Fort Bend and Harris counties that sitting down and talking is required before getting a divorce. The process is called mediation, and it’s supervised by skilled professionals. But in the end, it’s always up to you to make it as productive and painless as possible.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a well-defined process by which a mediator brings both parties into a room to reach a mutually agreed conclusion. They usually start by finding points of agreement so that the two parties can feel progress is being made. More contentious issues are defined carefully so that peripheral issues are not given center stage.

The goal of mediation is to produce a completely settled divorce agreement. The courts in Fort Bend and Harris County want this to happen because it saves them valuable court time. If at all possible, it should be filed as an uncontested divorce, meaning that all the details are settled and the court only has to be sure it complies with the law before making it an order.

What is at stake?

In mediation, the key components of divorce are all settled. These include:

  • Division of all valuables, including property, investments, and bank accounts.
  • Division of all debts that were assumed during the marriage.
  • Custody of any children, which has to include a parenting plan if their time is divided.
  • Child support and alimony payments.

These are listed from the most contentious to the least contentious. The first two are going to be split down the middle in nearly all circumstances. The parenting plan for the children is often a point of disagreement, but by focusing on the court’s standard of the “best interests of the children” it can usually be worked through.

What will you need?

The mediation process is still grueling at times, but it is not as terrible as a fight in open court for many families. By concentrating on what is more important to you, it can move quickly and come to a good resolution. This is especially important when co-parenting in the future.

Through it all, you will need an attorney with a great deal of experience in divorce proceedings here in these counties. They need to be by your side at all times, explaining the law so that you can make good decisions as well as simply being there to support you.

Mediation can be a much better process when it is done professionally. It is also how it is done in Sugarland and the Houston area. It’s important that you make the process work for you and have the right representation to see it through successfully.

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