Judges Hold Discretion to Approve or Deny Divorce Settlements

No one who has gone through a divorce would describe the process as fun. Before a divorce can be finalized and a couple can go their separate ways, they must follow every step of the process in detail. To some, a positive outcome may be walking away with everything they want, but to others, it could simply be knowing that they did everything they could to avoid having the divorce process dragged on for years or the settlement agreement denied. 

Couples who decide to end their marriage will likely go through a negotiation process before everything will be finalized. During this time, they will discuss topics such as property division, alimony and more. After coming to an agreement, if that is possible, they will let a judge look at the settlement agreement, which will be approved or denied.

The hope is that the judge will review the agreement and approve it, but if they find that something in the agreement is not right or that it favors one spouse over the other, they can deny it and ask for it to be renegotiated. During the negotiation process, one half  of the couple may be convinced by the other half to accept certain terms and sign the agreement. If couples do not want a judge to deny their settlement agreement, they should remember to be considerate of what the other wants.

Divorces are often viewed as time-consuming and difficult, but when couples take the time to do things the right way, they can go smoothly. An attorney can assist anyone who has questions about the negotiation process and settlement agreements.

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