Divorce Approval Rate Decreases in America

When people decide to get married, they may be under the impression that they will stay married for the rest of their lives. This idea that the marriage will last forever is a good one to have, but when a marriage just isn’t working out, many people agree that ending the marriage is the only option they have because they just don’t believe they can work things out. While some couples may decide to fight for their marriage and not get a divorce, others may not see the point and decide to move forward with the filing process.

A recent survey asked thousands of Americans questions related to relationships, marriage and divorce, and reported that the acceptance rate of same-sex marriage in the United States is rising and has grown since 2002 when the survey was first taken. It also reported on the change of the acceptance rate of divorce, which has decreased over the past few years. It was not stated why this change of heart occurred.

Same-sex marriage became legal in all 50 states not too long ago, so people should expect that divorces are going to happen, whether the couple is made up of two people of the same-sex or two people of the opposite-sex. With the increase in the number of marriages, it follows there will be more people getting divorced. Although the survey reported the changing of the acceptance rate of divorce in the U.S., it did not reveal if there was a change in the divorce rate since same-sex marriage became legal. 

When a couple feels as though there is no way to work out their issues, divorce is often the route they take. Even if they divorce and decide that they couldn’t work things out, that doesn’t mean they cannot reunite at a later date and try out a relationship again. Anyone who is considering divorce can speak with an attorney as they can assist with the filing process and answer any questions related to divorce.

Source: The Detroit News, “Survey: More acceptance of social changes; not divorce,” Mike Stobbe, March 21, 2016

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