What Assets May Be Divided During a High Asset Divorce?

Divorces can be difficult for people to go through. Not only may they have a tough time dealing with their marriage coming to an end, but they may also be concerned about what will happen to their property and assets after the split. This is a common feeling in high asset divorces, as there is a lot for people to lose should they not have a prenuptial agreement protecting their belongings. With there being a lot at risk, people should be aware of what they could lose as a result of the divorce.

When couples are divorcing, the following assets may be eligible for division:

  • Real estate holdings.
  • Retirement accounts.
  • Property.
  • Family-owned business.

Like any divorce, when it is a high asset divorce, couples have the option of working together to agree on who will get what. Should they be able to come to an agreement, they will not have to go to court and feud in front of a judge or let someone else decide how property and assets will be divided. However, there are some couples who simply cannot agree and have had to live with what the courts decided was fair. When this happens, the end result may not be something that either spouse agrees with entirely.

Anyone who is considering divorcing their spouse and has questions about their property and assets should contact an attorney. You may not have a prenup in place, but that doesn’t mean your spouse will get to walk away with everything you have. An attorney may be able to help you fight to get what is yours and keep your belongings safe.

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