How Is Property Divided in the State of Texas?

Not every issue spouses discuss during the divorce process is easily resolved. People are hurt and upset, so they may not be thinking clearly when it comes time to sit down and get things figured out. When it is a high asset divorce, there is a lot at stake, which means things may be a bit more complicated than most divorces. Along with alimony disputes, they may also disagree about how property will be divided.

If a couple is having difficulty resolving the issue of property division themselves, the state laws will do it for them. Texas is a community property state. What this means is that when couples divorce, whatever is considered community property may be divided evenly between both spouses. Knowing this, when couples choose to divorce, they can expect that any property they acquired during the marriage will be split between them. The only property that won’t be up for grabs is the property that either party had prior to the marriage.

Divorces are already difficult enough, but when certain topics are brought up, things can be made worse. When discussing property division, people may be calm at first, but if their spouse makes a suggestion that they feel is unfair, they may get angry, which will complicate the process and slow things down. Ultimately, if there is no agreement that can be reached, a judge will decide.

Anyone who is currently going through a high asset divorce may require legal assistance. Your assets need to be evaluated, and factors need to be examined before a judge can determine what you and your spouse will get after the divorce is finalized. An attorney may be able to help you keep some or most of your property and assets.

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