Need Help Establishing Fair Asset Value? Allow Us to Help

For some couples, divorce is an amicable situation between two adults who may not be able to live together anymore but can agree on how divorce should proceed. For others, it is not this simple. When it comes to a divorcing party who cannot see whether it is more lucrative to settle or litigate, allow the legal professionals at the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton to help. We have experience of over 30 years specializing in family law and can help guide you through this difficult time.

People in a situation of a high asset divorce often have more to lose financially than those without a lot of assets. This situation can create an “all or none” type of disagreement between divorcing couples because one or both parties can feel that it is difficult to compromise in this situation. This is because one or both parties may feel that they either are retaining assets or they are losing them. However, we are confident that a middle ground can and will be found and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you, our client, are satisfied.

This being said, it is crucial that people in a high asset position work to protect their assets by establishing the fair market value of your 401k, stocks, and real estate holdings, as well as your other assets. This way there is no mistaking the value of your assets at the time of negotiations. If you are unaware how much an asset is actually valuated at, how can you be sure that you are getting a fair shake? We as family law specialists understand this dilemma and will do an extensive investigation into your assets to help you determine the true fair value of all of your assets.

Do not feel that you are alone in this difficult process. Divorce can bring up every question about your assets that you could have ever imagined. However, this is not a time for guessing; it is a situation that demands as much certainty as possible. Knowing the fair value of assets will give you a basis as to how to negotiate within the divorce dispute. Let us help you dig deep to ensure a favorable and fair settlement.

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