Supreme Court Case Will Affect Same-sex Couples

While many cases have come forth from all U.S. states, the Supreme Court has finally agreed to rule once-and-for-all on gay marriage. It will hear two-and-a-half-hour arguments from each side both in favor and opposed to gay marriage. This may help clear up not only the gay marriage question in Texas but also questions of divorce. In previous blogs, we have discussed how Texas’ inability to recognize the legality of gay marriage had therefore made it impossible for some same-sex couples to divorce.

The root of the debate comes from four cases brought out of different states. If gay marriage is ruled in favor of, this will be a landmark case for those in favor of gay marriage. The judges will come to a decision this summer. This case will address the biggest questions surrounding the settlement issue.

The decision will resolve whether or not gay and lesbian couples have the constitutional right to marry or whether states have the power to ban same-sex marriage. This is important because this is the case in the state of Texas. Because family law is typically a state issue, Texas has had the right thus far to not recognize gay marriage – and therefore unable to recognize gay divorce as well.

In conclusion, this upcoming result from the Supreme Court will likely settle the gay marriage debate across all states. Although several states already do acknowledge gay marriage in the same ways as traditional marriage, some currently do not, Texas being one of them. This constitutional debate will come to a head this summer.

Source:, “Supreme Court Agrees to Rule on Gay Marriage,” Richard Wolf, Jan. 16, 2015

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