Why Uncontested Divorces Still Require the Help of a Lawyer

In the world of marital separation and divorce, uncontested divorce is a phrase that is tossed around a lot. Many seek out this type of divorce for the said small financial costs. However, these divorces still may require the aid and expertise of an experienced lawyer.

Anyone can opt for an uncontested divorce. However, experience teaches that this type of divorce is only appropriate under certain circumstances. It is important to know that an attorney can only represent one part of the divorce, not both. This is to ensure that the lawyer can pursue the best interests of their client; even during an uncontested divorce where disagreements can be scarce.

An uncontested divorce is typically recommended for couples with no financial disagreements, no children, and no disagreements about how to split marital property. At Michael D. Tracton PC, our duties during an uncontested divorce include filing and signing the proper paperwork and answering any questions you may have during this difficult time. A lawyer is recommended because it prevents a client from forfeiting rights that they did not know they had during the divorce.

This type of low-maintenance divorce can sometimes even be completed through mail or email. This helps to cut costs associated with divorce. However, do not cut out all necessary expertise related to your change in marital status. Consider the legal help of Michael D. Tracton, who has more than 30 years of experience in family law matters. It could save you from regretting a rushed earlier legal decision related to your uncontested divorce.

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