The Significance of Spousal Support in a Texas Divorce

Texas divorce can elicit many questions, especially about finances. The first thing to understand about this experience is not to panic. Likely, there is no prenuptial agreement on hand that acts as a roadmap as to how to navigate these uncharted waters of divorce. Never fear, the legal professionals at the law office of Michael D. Tracton are here to help.

Whether you will be receiving or giving spousal support, or alimony, it is important that each party understand the significance of alimony. Spousal support is implemented by Texas family courts because it helps to atone for sacrifices that one person may have made, due to the best interests of the couple or family. This could come in the form of sacrifice such as not continuing education to care for a child, therefore, making less money long term.

Each couple’s spousal support situation is specific and unique to their income, needs, duration of the marriage, circumstances of the divorce, children, and other factors. Whether you will be aiding in spousal support of receiving, the lawyers at Michael D. Tracton will ensure that you as our client receive a fair share. It is important to be realistic during this difficult time of separation. It is suggested to outline what your needs are versus your wants coming into the divorce negotiations and proceedings.

Having a realistic outlook as to your financial and emotional needs during this time of separation will help you to achieve your goals. This is true because you define what is a must-have and what is unnecessary to you in negotiations concerning spousal support. We will be here for you every step of the way to help reinforce what you should be seeking and what maybe is not as important to the asset division. Our in-depth analysis of your divorce case will show you a clear strategy, game plan, and predicted outcome for the case decisions.

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