Iggy Azalea Sued in Texas Divorce Court; Never Been Married

Popstar Iggy Azalea has recently been served divorce papers in Texas — yet she claims she has never been married. There is an interesting piece of Texas law that could require that Azalea divide her assets in what would be a high asset divorce.

According to reports, Azalea has been served papers from an old boyfriend who claims that he wishes to dissolve their common-law marriage. According to the old flame, the two lived together from September 2008 until last year. He also claims that they “agreed to be married, holding themselves out as man and wife.”

If a judge determines this man’s claim to be correct, Azalea could be forced to divide her assets in a divorce settlement.

Because the pop star and the man lived together for quite some time, they could be considered married according to the definition of common-law marriage. This is why he may have found proof that the two were in fact, married. In Texas, a man and woman who live together for any amount of time are considered legally married if they agree to be wed and hold themselves out to others as a married couple. This is different from many states who consider 7 years to be the magic number for a common-law marriage to be in effect.

Reportedly, the pop star is currently involved in another lawsuit with the man who seeks to dissolve their common-law marriage. She may be worried about the potential for asset division if the marriage is deemed legitimate by a judge. She recently has had success with her single “Fancy.” Any income earned from that single could be included in a 50/50 split ordered by a divorce decree.

Source: Fox News, “Iggy Azalea being sued for divorce… but she’s never been married?” Oct. 10, 2014

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