Man Denied Texas Driver’s License Due to Gay Marriage Certificate

Many residents of this state await the argument to be held shortly in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding same-sex marriage in Texas. Meanwhile, an interesting story has been released regarding an Iowan who recently moved to Texas. He claims he was discriminated against at a Texas DMV when he went in to apply for an updated driver’s license. He was unable to acquire his license, and it wasn’t because of his driving record.

According to reports, the man had recently moved to Texas from Iowa. He entered the Texas DMV with the documentation he believed he would need to obtain his new driver’s license. He brought his birth certificate and marriage license from Iowa. Because Iowa recognizes same-sex marriage, his marriage certificate was one recognizing his same-sex union.

Texas does not currently recognize same-sex marriage as a legal marriage. The DMV then told the man that if he wanted a Texas driver’s license he would need to either pay to obtain a court-ordered name change or get a divorce. This is because his married name is not recognized since his Iowa marriage is not recognized in Texas. The man is claiming he was discriminated against.

The outlook on gay marriage is changing around the U.S. In Texas, gay marriage is still not recognized as a legal union. This policy has brought the state of Texas under great scrutiny from around the U.S. Texas may change its policy on gay marriage in the near future.

Source: The Des Moines Register, “Same sex marriage license in Iowa poses problem in Texas,” Dec. 7, 2014

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