How to Protect Personal Information During a Divorce

According to a recent study done by McAfee, 96% of married couples trust their significant other with passwords, intimate photos, and other personalized content. But what happens when trusting spouses decide to divorce? Only 32% of people polled asked an ex to delete that type of personal information after a break-up. In today’s age of technology, it’s becoming even easier for personal information to be leaked or stolen. Texans should understand how to protect their personal information during a high asset divorce.

Marriages can and do end sourly. It isn’t a stretch to think that a bitter ex-lover could potentially damage their ex-spouse’s credit or negatively affect their finances. A person who wants to protect their personal information should first close any joint bank accounts or credit cards. That way the person’s money isn’t subject to the decisions of their ex-spouse. It’s also important to follow up on any court decisions related to marital property that was left to the other spouse, like cars or homes. The spouse that no longer owns the asset should make sure that their name isn’t still connected to the property because late payments could be attributed to that person.

It’s always a good idea to check credit scores often during and after the divorce. That way, anything that fell through the cracks can be resolved quickly and without severe consequence. It is best to inquire into different credit agencies when pulling credit scores because they can calculate from different sources. Last, and maybe most importantly, change all passwords, PIN’s and any other accessible personal information. This includes all online passwords.

Divorce can leave a person feeling all out of sorts. But, a person should not allow their finances to suffer at the hands of an ex-spouse or other identity thieves. It is possible to become financially independent and secure after a divorce when by following a few simple security tips. It is always important to safeguard all personal information.

Source: North Dallas Gazette, “If you are getting a divorce, protect your personal data,” Jason Alderman, July 14, 2014

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