County Sweep Nails 10 Child Support Offenders

In a major sweep, the Henderson Sheriff’s Department detained 10 parents who had violated court orders to pay child support. The endeavor was a collaborative effort with the state’s attorney general’s office’s child support division. Major targets of the sweep were subjects who had warrants issued for failure to pay child support.

Other counties were also included in the sweep in its efforts to round up dead-beat parents. Representatives came from Athens, Caney City, Chandler, Eustace and Log Cabin and provided statewide support. Their efforts were aided by investigators from the attorney general’s child support division, which additionally provided support to locate whereabouts of absent parents.

The attorney general confirmed the lawful and ethical obligation of parents to properly maintain their offspring. This includes making regular and reliable child support payments. The office applauded the efforts of all parties who rallied in combined efforts to round up violators of their child support obligations. The police and deputies were commended on their commitment to the future of the state’s children.

The most recent roundup earmarked parents who were wanted for contempt of court due to failure to appear, in addition to failure to meet financial agreements. Efforts included spreading out of officials to canvass the county to search for whereabouts of non-cooperative offenders.

County efforts have been largely successful during the last month. There were 19 parents who were rounded up in violation of the child support laws. Such offenders may serve up to six months in jail and be responsible for cash bonds representing the delinquent amounts of back support.

The attorney general’s office is willing to make arrangements with those parents whose child support payments are in arrears. The office may also provide assistance to families in need of services, such as public assistance, locating parents, determining paternity, modifying child support payments and offering medical services.

The Henderson County Attorney General Office has been stellar in its efforts to provide for the health and well-being of Texas children whose parents have reneged on their child support payments. Collections received county-wide have exceeded statewide apportionments and help provide for a healthy and prosperous community of previously neglected children.

Source:, “Henderson County sheriff arrests 10 parents for child support violations” Marshall Stevens, Nov. 05, 2013

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