Tips for Co-parenting after Divorce

Parents in Texas and other states across the nation have an idea of what parenting will look like from childbirth until the age of majority. Unfortunately, these ideas do not always play out. Certain life events, like divorce, can interrupt the intentions parents have. However, it is possible for divorced parents to still work together to meet these goals as much as possible.

While no divorce is without issue, it is possible to make child custody matters workable and even amicable. Co-parenting, when right for the divorcing parents, can be a very beneficial experience for both the children and the parents. This arrangement can look vastly different from one set of divorced parents to the next; however, there are some tips to make co-parenting a more successful experience.

To begin, if parents want a co-parenting relationship, this means having shared custody. Although it may not be optimal in certain situations to have 50-50 placement, equal time with each parent is important for co-parenting. The next thing is to put parenting first. This means providing the emotional and financial needs of the children before other things in life.

Next, it is vital that children are not put in the middle of fights, disputes, or any issue that may arise. This means not sharing certain things with the child, not making them the messenger, and not talking poorly about the other parent to the child. This also means not alienating the child from the other parent. Finally, co-parenting requires flexibility. There needs to be trust, communication, and respect in a co-parenting arrangement, and by being flexible, this helps promote these factors.

While it may seem challenging in the beginning, parents who seek to co-parent after divorce should understand it is possible. It may take work, but divorced parents are capable of co-parenting effectively under certain circumstances. Because not all parents can get along or even communicate effectively, it is important to consider other custody options that may work better for specific situations.

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