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October 2018 Archives

Navigating child custody battles as a Texas father

Fathers can have a hard time getting the ruling that they deserve during a child custody battle. This is not to say that the Texas state laws are stacked against them, because they are not. Child custody courts in Texas seek to make a ruling in the best interests of the child. This is generally viewed to be a situation in which the child has a strong relationship with both parents.

What does financial planning look like during dissolution?

A lot goes into planning for the future. Many individuals in Texas and elsewhere take the time to plan for their future financially. Whether it is to secure a solid retirement or to have something to pass on to heirs, it is common for individuals to take his or her finances seriously. Thus, when two people decide to get married, these financial accounts are likely to collide and intermingle. In these cases, financial planning can look significantly different. Add a divorce into the mix, and now there is two individuals unsure how to protect their finances.

How Texas laws dictate asset division during divorce

When contemplating a divorce, you may assume that the state in which you are living does not have an impact on how the process will be governed. However, the reality is that all states have their own laws on aspects of divorce, including on the way that assets are divided.

Taking steps to protect separate property

The decision to marry requires planning. Even if it is small nuptials, the reality is that spouses need to consider what it means when they join lives as a married couple. For some, having little assets means there is not much to worry about, other than growing a joint account. However, for others, it means taking into consideration personal property they wish to remain separate from marital property.

Wife of celebrity chef files for divorce after domestic abuse

Even when one looks at a marriage that has withstood the test of time, lasting over 50 years, there is truly no perfect relationship or marriage. And, some married couples in Texas and elsewhere, marriages can last much less than expected. No one can prepare for the events a marriage will bring, making it important to consider what a couple can do to address any marital problems that may arise, even filing for divorce.

What happens when a spouse hides assets during dissolution?

It isn't uncommon to want to protect your things. This is why people put money in banks, items in safes and even take measures to ensure security at a household. It is no difference if a divorce. Spouses want to protect what they believe is his or hers; however, spouses may also be compelled to give up what isn't essentially theirs. In some cases, spouses might take steps to hide assets to avoid having them divided in the divorce process.

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