Assisting Parents Who Need to Re-locate

As a previous post on this blog discussed, even though there are a lot of opportunities, economic and otherwise, in the Houston area, sometimes a parent will have to move a good distance away. This can be complicated for divorced and single parents because most custody orders in Texas require that the parent with primary custody, which is often referred to as conservatorship in Texas, live within set geographic boundaries.

For these Sugar Land and Fort Bend County parents, relocation has an extra layer of complexity since they will either have to get the other parent’s consent to move or face the possibility of having a judge change the custody order. The situation can put parents in an outright bind, since they love their children yet oftentimes have good reasons to move, including the need to financially provide for those children.

However, a custodial parent is not absolutely prohibited from moving outside of a particular geographic area, as a court will oftentimes allow him or her to move with the child under the right circumstances. Still, though, courts, by default, will assume it is better for a child to live close to both parents and will be reluctant to allow something that will disturb that privileged status.

Therefore, a Texan who needs to move would do well to have dedicated and zealous legal representation in their corner, the kind of representation our law office offers in these kinds of cases. We know these cases often involve a fight, and those are fights we consistently prepare to win for our clients by investigating the facts and advocating assertively for our client’s rights. And, for those parents who are on the other side and do not want a child to move, we provide representation for them, too.

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