Why Would One Parent Be Awarded Sole-managing Conservatorship?

There is nothing enjoyable about going to court and fighting with your former spouse or the other parent of your child for custody. Oftentimes, there is one parent who feels they are the ideal choice for the child to live with and will do what they can to prove this to the courts. In some cases, when parents are fighting for child custody, the courts may also agree with that parent that they would be the better choice, leading them to seriously consider awarding sole-managing conservatorship to that particular parent.

There are many reasons courts may award one parent sole-managing conservatorship, but the following are common reasons this could occur:

  • One parent has abused a substance or substances in the past.
  • One parent is not present in the child’s life.
  • One parent has been violent in the past.
  • Parents have had and still have disagreements about how to raise the child as far as education, religion, etc.

Even though courts may consider awarding one parent sole-managing conservatorship, it doesn’t mean that they will. This is a good thing for parents who are seriously concerned about not being able to be a part of their child’s life. With there still being a chance of the courts awarding both parents joint-managing conservatorship, the relationship between parent and child may not only be maintained, but it can grow as well.

If you have found yourself battling with the mother or father of your child, a child custody attorney may be able to help. Your child deserves to have both parents present in his or her life and an attorney may be able to help parents who are in jeopardy of losing their child get the chance to form a healthy relationship with them.

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