If you are a parent going through a divorce your first thought, naturally, is for your child or children. How will this divorce affect them, you wonder? Each case of child custody is different, as are the parents choosing to divorce. This is why special attention must be given to each family, this ensures the best child custody arrangement possible for your family.

While you begin to delve into some of the many questions you likely have about divorce and child custody, it is good to get some of the basics about the process out of the way. For example, it is great to have an understanding of courtroom procedure. This is because it is likely that you will stand before a judge at some point during the child custody process. Here are some pointers on what to expect when you enter the courtroom.

It is crucial that all parties in the courtroom dress appropriately and treat the judge and other court personnel with the utmost respect. While you wait for your court case to be heard, it is not tolerable to bring food, gum or to have electronics present or within earshot in the courtroom. When it is your time to speak, do so loudly and politely so that the judge and the court reporter can hear you. This will help to expedite the courtroom process.

These are just a few tips on what to expect and how to act in the courtroom. The specific questions and situations you may find yourself in will be best guided and discussed with your attorney of choice. They will likely have a plan prepared and will share that with you before the court date. Consider that the court is always seeking the best interests of the child during child custody arrangements.

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