David Cassidy’s Wife Files for Divorce After DUI Arrest

A month after “Partridge Family” alum David Cassidy was charged with a third DUI and checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse, his wife of 23 years announced that she is filing for divorce.

Sue Cassidy did not state whether her husband’s alcohol abuse problem is the reason for the split, but said that she is “confident” that her husband will come out of rehab “stronger than ever.”

Apparently, the pair has been living apart for the past four months, though Sue said she was still heartbroken that her long-term relationship with the former child star was officially coming to an end.

David and Sue Cassidy were together for a total of 28 years and have a 23-year-old son together.

Substance abuse plays a role in many divorce cases in Texas and the rest of the country. Because all 50 states now follow no-fault divorce laws, spouses are typically not “punished” in divorce cases for their substance abuse problems.

However, substance abuse can affect the outcome of child custody matters. That’s because a parent who has an alcohol or drug problem could potentially pose a risk to the child. Therefore, a family court judge may find that spending time with the parent may not be in “the best interests of the child.”

Getting treatment and staying sober are two ways parents with a history of substance abuse can help improve the likelihood of being awarded a significant amount of time with their children.

Talk to an experienced family law attorney for more information on how substance abuse affects divorce and child custody cases.

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