Steve Harvey Cleared of Abuse Charges; Former Wife Arrested

Former wife of celebrity Steve Harvey was arrested after a judge found her in contempt of court. She is behind bars and unable to see her son or discuss her case. Mr. Harvey is a noted entertainer and had been accused of child abuse following an incident at the boy’s school. After reportedly lying about a missing homework assignment, Mr. Harvey allegedly beat his son to the extent that the boy had trouble urinating. Police took photos of bruises on the boy’s body, and the case was referred to child protective services. The case was later closed, and Mr. Harvey was cleared of all charges.

His union with the boy’s mother ended up in a bitter divorce and custody of their son. The case was sealed and placed under a gag order. The mother has been in jail for allegedly speaking to the media about the case, thereby violating the court order. She is barred from talking about her divorce and her son.

The former Mrs. Harvey feels she has been sandbagged and is a victim of negative press. Mr. Harvey now has custody of their son and was reluctant to discuss the case due to the gag order.

His ex-wife feels her 16 year-old son was unjustly taken from her, and she is angry that she has missed all that time with him. She wants to be with her child, but her release date is not until Jan. 17. Due to the gag order, it is impossible to talk about the case. She feels her husband’s celebrity status has interfered with the legal process. Representatives for Harvey say that a statement regarding their divorce and child custody has led to misleading and inflammatory statements for the entire family.

Children are innocent victims when a dissolution occurs and when breaking up a marriage involves a celebrity, it can often play out in the media. In cases of child custody, we can only hope the parties involved will take action in the best interests of the child.

Source:, “” No author given, Dec. 21, 2013

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