Texas’s Chris Bosh Bashed About Residency in Custody Battle

Professional basketball player Chris Bosh told a family court judge and several lawyers that he lived in Texas. The Miami Heat player argued about his residency status as part of a lengthy child custody dispute with an ex-girlfriend.

A Texas judge in 2009 ordered the millionaire all-star to pay $2,600 each month for the support of his 3-year-old daughter. The mother of Bosh’s child, the custodial parent, could receive as much as $30,000 monthly, if a modification of support is approved in a Florida court.

Bosh’s name is on the mortgage of a Miami home valued at $12.5 million, a property the Heat star told the judge was not really his. Bosh was ordered to read his Deutsche Bank mortgage agreement, which stipulated that the property would be the athlete’s primary residence.

Voting records were no proof that Bosh lived in Texas. The court asserted Bosh didn’t vote in the last presidential election. The player said he sent in a ballot by mail, which the court said wasn’t possible since Bosh’s name no longer appeared in the Texas voter files.

The player’s wealth and fame are no substitutes for honesty before a judge considering a child custody case.

The professional basketball star could end up paying far more in child support than he had previously been ordered to pay. Bosh’s bid for the little girl’s custody may be hurt, if he lied about his residency and property. The custody battle is still going. And lying to a judge is never a good idea.

Source: eurweb.com, “Chris Bosh Grilled in Court: Miami Heat Star’s Veracity Severely Challenged,” Brittney M. Walker, Aug. 24, 2012

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