Playing to Win Can Help Fathers Achieve Custody Goals

In far too many cases, the phrase, “child custody battle,” is not the least bit hyperbolic. Child custody disputes can become fraught with emotions and the time spent trying to work out an acceptable resolution can feel like a form of combat. And if you are a father who is facing having your conflict settled in a courtroom, it is best you go into the situation prepared.

One of the most important things to understand is that determining child custody is a form of negotiation and there are strategies you can employ that may help you receive the best terms possible. First, you want to play to win, and this means that from the beginning you want to ask for as much time as you could possibly accommodate. Be very specific when considering your goals and then do what you can to achieve them.

You can strengthen your case by being able to show the court that you are well acquainted with your child’s routines and that you are capable of providing the care he or she needs. You also want to demonstrate to the judge that the schedule you have in mind is realistic and is in the child’s best interests.

Going “all in” when fighting for your parental rights is important, but the effort needs to be focused and done in such a way as to bathe you in the most positive light possible. And this is why it can be so beneficial to have an experienced family law attorney on your side as you go into “battle.” An attorney can devise a strategy that is aimed at getting you the terms that best serve both you and your child.

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