Why Mothers May Try to Keep Their Children Separated from Their Fathers

The relationship between two parents isn’t always filled with love. When a marriage or relationship doesn’t work out, two people may have negative feelings about each other, but because there are children involved, they will have to stay in contact. Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped some mothers from keeping their children away from their fathers.

There are many reasons a mother might try to keep a father from seeing his child:

  • She doesn’t feel as though the father is responsible.
  • She doesn’t think the father is properly equipped to care for the child.
  • She fears the father may try to gain joint or full custody of the child.

Many mothers may fear that their child will be in danger when they are with their fathers, so they’ll do anything they can to keep the two separate. However, fathers have rights. So when the father wants to be in the child’s life and the parents cannot agree on an arrangement, the decision will be made by a judge. Should the father be stable and responsible, there’s a chance he will be able to spend time with his child by being awarded visitation or even joint custody.

Most professionals agree that it’s important for children to have both parents in their lives. So, while a mother’s presence is vital, the relationship between a child and a father is an important one as well; something mothers may want to keep in mind in the heat of a custody battle.

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