In Texas, Is It Legal for My Child’s Mother to Keep Them from Me?

When a man and a woman have a child together, it is something that isn’t always planned. Depending on the situation, when the child is born, it is assumed that the man in the relationship is the father, and he will not have to prove paternity. However, there have been some men who have had to establish paternity before they can even be named on the birth certificate or spend time with the child.

To answer the question, no, it is not legal for a mother to keep their child from his or her father, but this is only if the father has not proven paternity and made an effort to be in the child’s life. Until that time, the mother does not have to allow the father to spend time with the child or discuss child custody with him.

A mother keeping a child away from their father is common. This is something that many women may try to do because they are angry with their child’s father or believe he is not fit to care for the child. The problem is, once they prove paternity, the father has rights and can see his child if he wants. At that point, it is best that the mother and father sit down and create a parenting plan and decide which parent the child will spend their time with and when.

Every child deserves to have their father in their life, even if the parents do not get along. Once the child’s father has established paternity, the mother has no right to say that the father cannot see their child. Should this happen, the father should consider hiring an attorney who can help them during their custody battle.

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