Why Getting a Prenuptial Agreement Will Protect Your Assets

Getting a divorce is never easy, but when it is a high net worth divorce, it can be especially difficult. High asset divorces involve disputes about the division of assets, child support and alimony, and spousal support that may not always end with all parties receiving what they wanted. Even though these types of divorces lead to multiple disputes, these disagreements can easily be avoided if the necessary steps are taken prior to the two people entering the marriage.

If you are entering into a marriage, a prenuptial agreement would be wise, as it does more than protect your assets. The benefits of getting a prenup with your future spouse include things such as determining marital property from community property, assigning debts, and avoiding conflicts during a divorce. These are all issues that contribute to the high cost of divorce.

If you choose not to have a prenuptial agreement and you later get divorced, your assets will not be protected like they would have been if a prenup was in place. In this case, there is more at stake during the divorce. The money and assets you have worked hard to acquire will be at risk of being equally divided between you and your former spouse. Not only will the property be divided, but any other investments, real estate holdings, retirement accounts, 401(k)s and more will be split between you and your former spouse.

If you are currently considering a prenuptial agreement, a Sugarland high net worth divorce attorney can assist you.

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