Stresses of Military Deployment Can Contribute to Divorce

Good soldiers try to remain strong at all times. Good soldiers are often so used to acting selflessly that they may be unaccustomed to tending to their own needs. The effects of having served time in the military can leave some individuals with stressful emotional issues. As a result, a tremendous strain can be placed on a marriage, when a service member returns home.

The results of a study that examined the effects of post traumatic stress syndrome in relation to the rate of divorce among U.S. Army soldiers demonstrates the challenges that service members can face during post-deployment. According to the researchers, among enlisted Army personnel, time spent in deployment increased the likelihood of divorce. Further, the service members in the study who reported experiencing symptoms of PTSD had an even greater risk of divorce.

This study bears out how the sacrifices that service members make when away on deployment may continue after they return to their families. And of course, the families also have issues with which to contend. And as difficult as it may be to accept, sometimes the emotional strain is such that a married military couple may need to go their separate ways.

If you are contemplating a military divorce, you may wish to contact a Texas family law attorney. While a military divorce is very similar to a typical civilian divorce, there are some differences that do merit consideration. For example, there are some unique aspects regarding the division of military benefits that may require clarification. An attorney may be able to assess your situation and offer you advice and guidance to help you work toward a fair and equitable outcome.

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