What to Expect When You Are Divorcing

Couples in Texas understand that no relationship is perfect. While some might be able to overcome the ups and downs that come their way, other couples become defeated by the disputes and conflicts that could arise in marriage. Even when divorcing is the obvious next step, this does not mean both spouses are prepared for what comes next. Individuals likely have many questions regarding what to expect during the entire process and ways they could overcome any divorce issues that come their way.

The traditional way to handle a divorce is through litigation. Whether a couple is on board with this method or is using it because the couple is unable to adequately get through alternative divorce methods, litigation means that a couple is relying on the court system to reach final decisions on each of their divorce issues. But in order to do that, each spouse will have to go through various tasks.

First, there are interrogatories. This is when each spouse poses questions to the other, giving them 30 days to answer them. Each spouse can also request the production of documents. This means that each spouse must disclose certain documents to the other, which is often items like pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, property deeds, car titles, and photographs.

The divorce process also requires other documents and information so decisions regarding property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support can be determined. In order to do that, the court might need to look at income and expense statements and a list of marital property, debt, and separate property. Additionally, spouses might have to go through a deposition, which is when a spouse is under oath answering questions. And in difficult dissolution, subpoenas may be issued in order to have certain records, documents, and witnesses produced in court.

Divorce can be a rather complex process, and when spouses are in a high conflict dissolution, it can be challenging to decide on any of the divorce issues they are faced with. Thus, those filing for divorce or currently going through the process should understand their rights and how they could reach a fair and timely final divorce decree.

Source: Ky3.com, “What You Can Expect in Your Divorce,” May 18, 2017

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