Eva Mendes Claims to Know the Real Reason for Divorce in America

Couples everywhere have heard the jarring news reports related to divorce rates across the country. Some are even in the midst of their own divorce or contemplating one in their near future. There are many reasons couples today choose to divorce. Sometimes, financial decisions and money have a lot to do with the arguments between two people. However, Eva Mendes claims to know the real reason for divorce in America.

In a recent interview, actress Eva Mendes states what she believes is the real reason for divorce. Eva states in the interview, “Ladies, the number one cause of divorce in America — sweatpants.” Yes, she is being quoted accurately. Despite all of the commonly quoted reasons for divorce, such as financial strain or irreconcilable differences, Mendes chalks it up to wearing sweatpants.

Whether Mendes’ reasoning has any truth or not, many going through a high asset divorce would likely argue that sweatpants have no bearing on their divorce. Finances however might. And even if it did not, once the divorce starts, finances become a big issue. Often, the couple will hand this issue by splitting their debt equally down the middle. If this were to happen, it is ironic that a couple who is disagreeing over finances now each shares half of the debt equally.

This would be especially frustrating if the debt shared was accumulated by mostly one person in the relationship instead of equally accumulated by both. Each divorce case is different and therefore the outcomes and settlements will be different. However, when it comes to finances and divorce settlements marital property and debt sharing should be settled appropriately in a high asset divorce. All of these things considered, take the words of Eva Mendes with a grain of salt (or as the joke it hopefully was intended to be).

Source: ibtimes.com, “Eva Mendes Says Sweatpants Are The ‘Number One Cause Of Divorce In America;’ Dishes About Daughter She Shares With Ryan Gosling,” Rebecka Schumann, March 19, 2015

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