How a Divorce Attorney Can Help with an Uncontested Divorce

Same-sex marriage has just become legal in Texas, which means that there will also be same-sex divorces occurring. Like with any couple, same-sex couples that are divorcing may experience one of two types of divorce: uncontested or contested. Whether or not your divorce is contested or uncontested is dependent upon the disputes that may or may not happen during the divorce process between you and your spouse.

When two people find that there are still issues to be discussed and resolved before their divorce is finalized, the divorce is considered contested. It is the opposite when two people are experiencing an uncontested divorce because there really is no dispute between the two parties and they are agreeing to end their marriage. People may assume that they do not need a divorce attorney to help with the process if the divorce is uncontested, but this is not true.

Even though there are no disputes being had between the two parties, an attorney may still be needed to assist with the divorce every step of the way. There are documents to be drafted and papers to be signed, which requires a lawyer to do both. In fact, with any legal matter, it is wise to consult with an attorney who can help figure out what the best option may be.

If you are divorcing and do not currently plan to contest theĀ divorce, a divorce attorney may be needed to help you with the process. It is important that each party be represented by a knowledgeable attorney, so all of the documents are drafted and signed correctly, and the divorce can be finalized. If you live in the Sugarland, Texas area, an attorney at the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton may be able to assist with your divorce.

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