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June 2015 Archives

How a fathers' rights attorney can help with a custody dispute

It is common for fathers to experience a higher amount of distress than mothers when they are attempting to have their parental rights preserved in the event of a divorce. Many people have believed for years that the mother is the parent that children should be placed with when parents are separating. While this is what many believe, things have started to change and fathers are being seen as equal to mothers.

Attorney general's attempt to prevent same-sex divorce denied

Same-sex marriage has yet to become legal in the state of Texas, but that hasn't stopped some from putting in the effort to gain equal rights as married opposite-sex couples. In this particular state, along with many others that have yet to legalize same-sex marriage, marriage is defined as the union between one woman and one man and not as the union between two people of the same-sex. With this being the case, when a couple filed for divorce, the Texas attorney general attempted to step in and prevent this divorce from occurring.

What is considered community property?

During marriage, a couple may accumulate several assets that may be divided in the event of a divorce. This process can become a difficult one, especially if one spouse feels as if specific property is theirs and that it should not be divided. Despite what one spouse may want, each state has laws that decide how property division works during a divorce.

How military pensions and benefits are divided after a divorce

Certain aspects of divorce are already difficult if the two parties are civilians, but when one spouse is in the military, specific issues can present just as much, if not more, difficulty. During a divorce, the division of assets and property will be discussed. When it comes time to discuss the division of retirement benefits, those going through a military divorce may find that their military pension is subject to being divided between them and their spouse just as it would be if it were a civilian divorce.

Law says father's rights may not be considered in cases of rape

When a man and a woman have a child together, both parties have rights when it comes to custody of the child. In many cases, fathers experience more difficulty with gaining custody, as they may have to prove parentage before they can even seek to obtain any form of custody. Along with proving paternity, the court may also consider several factors before custody is granted to the father, but even then, custody is not a guarantee. Although men have rights and are allowed to pursue custody of their child, a new law says that fathers' rights s may not be considered in cases of rape.

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