Pope’s Valentine Tweets Useful to Divorcing Couples in Sugar Land

Marriages end for a variety of reasons, even though individuals work hard to avoid divorce. From high asset divorce property disputes to issues over child custody or support, divorce arrangements can carry the discord of a failed marriage into all aspects of life. On Valentine’s Day, the Pope spoke to young couples and tweeted some advice about love and marriage. Though the Pope’s words were directed at married couples, what he said also holds value for individuals who are considering or involved in divorce proceedings in Sugar Land, Texas.

The Pope told couples they shouldn’t be afraid to marry in modern times. Likewise, individuals who are in dangerous or miserable marriages should not be afraid to take steps for a better life. Whether those steps involve seeking counseling or divorce mediation, they may be necessary for a more positive future.

The Pope told married couples to communicate with attention and respect. Respect and civil communication is also important during a divorce. The ability to set emotions aside to negotiate the best possible outcome for everyone involved is a valuable asset during divorce, especially when the marriage involves children, business assets or complex asset division.

Finally, the Pope said that it’s important for each person in a relationship to be able to acknowledge his or her own mistakes. Being honest with yourself during a divorce is one of the best ways to prepare yourself and your case for possible legal battles. Though a civil outcome is usually best for everyone, when legal matters become heated, understanding your rights and how to best state your case can be an invaluable tool in a court or mediation setting.

Source:  12 News, “Pope Francis talks language of love with couples on Valentine’s Day” Laura Smith-Spark, Feb. 14, 2014

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