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Courts require valid reasons for modifying visitation rights

If you are a divorced parent and your ex has visitation rights, the two of you will be interacting as long as your custody agreement is in effect. Hopefully, you have found ways to peacefully coexist. But unfortunately, some divorced couples continue to have problems well after the final decree is signed. And perhaps you are at serious odds with your child's other parent, and you want nothing more than to modify the custody agreement to limit or eliminate his or her visitation rights.

Protecting children from divorce conflicts is vital

If you are a parent who is on the verge of divorce, your relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is likely quite contentious at present. And if there are serious disputes as you proceed through the divorce process, it is possible that your animosity could increase.

How can a child's best interests impact your custody decisions?

As you may know, when a judge in a family court is making decisions about how the divide parenting time between divorcing parents, he or she is bound to consider the best interests of the child. But typically a judge is not tasked with having to make such rulings if the parents are able to create an amenable agreement between them. In such a case, the judge will likely approve the agreed upon terms.

Children should be able to express themselves regarding custody

If you are a mother who has recently dissolved your marriage, you may rightfully have some apprehension regarding how your child is handling the situation. Of course, you understand that the divorce is intended to create a more stable situation for everyone involved. But it is a big change for a child when his or her parents are no longer in the same home.

Addiction can play a role in determining custody

Being married to someone with a substance abuse problem can be very difficult. So often, individuals with drug problems are not bad people, but their behavior is dictated by their need to satisfy the demands of their addiction. As such, addicts can be unpredictable and even dangerous to themselves and others.

How can I make vacation time with my child run smoothly?

There is very little in life that makes children happier than summer vacation. And who can blame them? With long days and no school, the summer allows for all kinds of fun. And if you are a divorced parent, you may be anticipating having more time to spend with your children. You may even have some special plans to make this one of the best summers ever.

Gatekeeping can seriously damage parent-child relationships

When a married couple divorces, they may harbor very deep resentments against one another. While this is unfortunate, it is a personal matter that each party can address in their own way. However, angry divorced couples should not allow their hostilities to affect their children. Sadly, sometimes an angry parent may try to undermine the other parent's relationship with his or her child.

Modifying the child custody order may be wise

It is not easy to care for a child full-time. When a judge awards custody to one parent, it is likely because the other parent appears to have some difficulties that would make it almost impossible for them to care for a child. However, this doesn't mean that circumstances can't change, and the parent with custody may no longer be seen as the better fit for the child. Parents who notice that something may not be right with their child's other parent, or the child, should consider requesting to modify the child custody order.

Why parents try mediation before going to court

It takes a lot for parents to stay calm when they are discussing child custody, especially when they do not agree on a plan. In some situations, parents know that there is no chance of them working together to find a child custody arrangement that will make them both happy, so they decide to go to court. This may be the best

Parental alienation can make winning custody difficult

Child custody is something that is not always easy for a judge to decide. When presented with a case, they can use a variety of information to help them determine which parent is the better fit. Even then, that may not be enough because they can still make mistakes, leaving one parent with little to no time with the child even though they are very much equipped to care for the child properly.