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How can a divorced father make the holidays a good experience?

If you are a recently divorced father, you may be approaching the holiday season with a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Of course, this time of year can be magical for children and spending time with them should be filled with laughter and fun. But you may also be harboring some ill-will against your ex. This is normal, but it can also threaten both you and your children's holiday celebrations. Children can sense tension, and they do not like it when their parents argue or are hostile toward one another.

When engaging in property division, don't overlook taxes

If you are going through a divorce, your property settlement will play an important role in your life moving forward. As such, it is imperative that you have at least some understanding of the value of all of the property and assets on the table. Some items, such as cars or jewelry, can be accurately appraised and thus it is fairly easy to make decisions on how you wish them to be allocated.

Negotiation can yield positive results in custody cases

In his seminal self-help book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People," Dale Carnegie wrote, "By fighting you never get enough, but by yielding you get more than you expected." This is very wise advice. Carnegie, a very successful businessman, warns us that if we engage in conflicts, we will never be satisfied with the results and that we can achieve so much more just by giving in a little.

Scrutiny of personal electronic data impacting divorce cases

The digital world has become so ubiquitous that we rarely give a second thought to typing a few words and hitting "Send." Texting, email, and social media are deeply embedded parts of many people's lives. And while the ability to communicate with such ease has many advantages, it is advisable to consider the possible consequences that could occur should certain missives be read by our adversaries.

How do I file to get my share of military retirement benefits?

If you are a military spouse who is about to get divorced, you likely are wondering how the process will unfold. In a previous post, we covered various aspects of a spouse's rights to a service member's retirement pay. And if you qualify to receive retirement pay as stipulated by the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, you may be curious what steps are needed to receive your payments.

How you may be able to halt child support obligations, part 1

Relationships are often complicated and even painful. And an act of betrayal by someone you were intimate with can be extremely difficult to accept. This is especially true if you discover that a child you were told was yours was actually fathered by another man.

How do I approach the topic of divorce with my children?

Divorce is never easy for families. And seeing their parents break up can be extremely upsetting for children. Children typically want nothing more than for their mother and father to get along and always be together. And it can be very difficult for them to understand that in the long run, a divorce can be the best choice for the entire family.

Mary J. Blige's ex-husband seeking hefty spousal support payments

If you and your spouse have built a business together, you have invested your time and labor in making that business a success. But all too often, circumstances dictate that one spouse will wield more power in the arrangement. This is perfectly acceptable as long as you and your spouse are getting along, but if you should have a falling out that results in a divorce it can be very difficult to determine a fair settlement.

How do I get my service member ex to pay child support? Part 1

If you are receiving child support from a member of the armed services, you likely need every dollar to which you are entitled. Often, a military spouse sacrifices career ambitions in favor of moving from place to place in an effort to keep the family together. But if you are recently divorced, you may be engaging in the challenging task of getting back into the workforce.

What can an unmarried father do to help his unborn child?

It is not uncommon for unmarried couples to conceive children. Once a child is born, the rights and responsibilities of both parents are typically well defined. But what about the period of time between the conception and the birth? The mother's role during this time frame is obvious, but what rights and responsibilities do fathers have?