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How do you survive the holidays while going through a divorce?

With holiday celebrations coming up quick, Families in Texas are getting everything in order ad ensuring their plans are set in place. Christmas and other holiday celebrations mean a lot to individuals and families; thus, it is difficult to face a situation that could harm one's ability to enjoy the holidays. Divorce is one of those events, and a spouse may think that a divorce during the holidays means they will not be able to enjoy this time of year like they have in the past.

How do you survive the holidays while going though a divorce? The first thing a divorcing spouse needs to understand is that it is not the end of family gatherings and celebrations. If children are involved, parents have the ability to still celebrate with them. If a spouse is worried that they can no longer celebrate with their ex's side of the family, something could be planned or arranged. In other words, many things can still remain the same despite it being a time of many changes.

3 questions to ask yourself before deciding to divorce

As the question "Should I get a divorce" starts to sink into your bones, you will be facing a lot of emotions, and fleeting thoughts that will be very difficult to sort out. In fact, the internal chaos can be so intense that you might find it impossible to see the situation clearly.

Divorce lawyers commonly meet with individuals in your situation. Many spouses debate over getting a divorce for years before they get the clarity they need and decide to make a move.

Ways to work through property division disputes

Let's face it. The end of a marriage is filled with many battles and fights. When couples in Texas and elsewhere decide to dissolve their union, they are likely prepared to deal with additional arguments and drawn out disputes. This is true if the divorcing couple cannot agree on who leave the marriage with what. Property division is a difficult divorce phase to work through, and without the aid of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, it can take some time to arrive at a fair or comparable agreement.

It is not uncommon for divorcing couples to encounter disagreements during property distribution. It might seem almost impossible to get through; however, there are ways to make this process easier on both parties. If it is clear that an agreement cannot be reached, it might be resourceful and valuable to consider mediation. A mediator can help the couples work through their issues, understand where each spouse is coming from and arrive at an amicable agreement.

Determining the best interests of children with special needs

In all Texas child custody cases, the most important factor will relate to the best interests of your child. This is no different for Texas parents who have children with special needs.

If there is a dispute regarding the custody of your child -- or regarding the costs associated with paying for your child's disability expenses -- the court will ultimately seek a decision that honors your child's needs above all else.

How to untangle your debts during dissolution

Whether you are seeking a divorce or your spouse is, it is likely that many issues and concerns are running through your head as you begin the process of filing for dissolution. Your financial well being is likely a top concern, as it may be difficult to picture your post-divorce life without the security of a two-income household. In some cases, divorcing spouses want to ensure they are leaving the marriage with what is theirs, which includes property, assets and debts.

A person's credit score is important. It is what allows them to make major purchases and ensure that their financial future is secure. Married couples tend to have their finances combined, which could also mean that their credit is as well. Thus, it is imperative to note how divorcing couples can untangle their credit while tackling property division during the divorce process.

Can the age of a child impact a custody arrangement?

When married parents decide to call it quits, their main focus is likely on their children and how this life event will impact not only their children but also their relationship with them. Because of that, child custody disputes tend to arise. While this is a common divorce issue parents face, it is not an easy one to work through. Parents not only have to think about their needs and how their life accommodates their child or children, but they also need to focus on the best interests of their child. The best interest standard is not always completely clear, as many factors involved in the process can impact the resulting order.

Can the age of a child impact a custody arrangement? The age of the child can be a major factor in a custody decision as his or her input could be utilized in court. With regards to preschool aged children, they are too young to voice an opinion about which parent they want to be with; however, it is considered to be a very impressionable age.

Making the best out of limited visitation situations

Because no two families are created equally, one would also presume that the results of a divorce would vary greatly among divorcing spouses. While it might be ideal for parents to obtain equal time with their children, child custody arrangements do not always result in such a manner. For some divorcing parents in Texas, limited visitation is the result of a child custody dispute. While this might seem like a loss or a defeat, divorcing parents should understand it is still an opportunity to build a bond with your child or children.

Although it is not ideal to have your time with your child cut short, some divorces result in a parenting plan that makes one parent the primary or sole custodian. This means that there is not equal access to the children by both parents, but it does not mean that both parents do not have access to their children. In a limited visitation arrangement, a parent might have access on certain days, weekends or only a few days every other week.

Tips to get through divorce with your kids

As a parent, one of the most difficult things you may have to do is tell your children that mom and dad are planning to divorce. It can be a real struggle for many couples to break this kind of news to their children, so if you feel dread at the prospect, you are not alone. Like with most difficult tasks, a little planning and preparation can go a long way.

Before you have the talk with your kids, it is vital that both of you carefully consider the when and the how. This will be your first test as single parents regarding how well you can keep the children as the focus without letting your feelings about your spouse get in the way. Read further for some tips to help you talk to your kids about divorce.

Assistance with the property division process

A divorce can involve a lot of emotions, desire and energy. Divorcing spouses in Texas and elsewhere are concerned about what they will leave the marriage with and if they can maintain ownership of what they believe is rightfully theirs.

The property division process can be complex and is often the most contentious part of a divorce. Thus, it is important that spouses understand how to properly navigate this phase of the divorce process. At the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton, P.C., our experienced legal team has more than 35 years of experience helping divorcing spouses successfully navigate their divorce issues. We are prepared to help spouses in the Sugarland area understand how best to address their current divorce problems.

How can you get through property division effectively?

Divorce is not something couples look forward to, but when it is the best option for the future spouses will initiate and work through the process. Even when couples have the right frame of mind, dissolution can be complex and could stir up many emotions. It is difficult to transition from a married life to a single one, thus causing some disputes surrounding who gets what. Property division is one of the most contentious divorce issues, whether it is a high asset divorce or not.

How can you get through property division effectively? According to the Texas Family Code, marital property is to be split in a just and right manner. But, most spouses do not understand what that means exactly. When it comes to the house, the car, retirement accounts and other marital property, some spouses are ready and willing to fight to the end to get what they believe is rightfully theirs.