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Preparation can help you get through a military divorce

Perhaps you have come to the realization that your marriage to a service member is in serious trouble. There could be any number of signs that serve as indicators. Maybe he or she is distant or non-responsive to your needs when at home. Or worse, you have a strong suspicion that there is another person in his or her life. And while you may have let time go by hoping that things would improve, you have now reached the conclusion that your relationship is irreparably damaged.

How can a child's best interests impact your custody decisions?

As you may know, when a judge in a family court is making decisions about how the divide parenting time between divorcing parents, he or she is bound to consider the best interests of the child. But typically a judge is not tasked with having to make such rulings if the parents are able to create an amenable agreement between them. In such a case, the judge will likely approve the agreed upon terms.

How can I avoid business-related issues when divorcing?

As you are likely aware, a marriage is as much a legal commitment as it is an emotional one. And once a married couple becomes emotionally detached from one another and wants to split, they also must extricate themselves from their legal bonds. Divorce is difficult under any circumstances, but if the spouses also co-own a business, there may be another, even more complex, legal layer with which to contend.

Keep an eye on retirement when going through a divorce

There's no doubt that going through a divorce can be a very emotional experience. In fact, you may be focused on simply getting through the process and moving on to the next stage of your life. But it is important to remember that you will have a lot of life left after signing the final decree. And you don't want to take your future interests for granted just to get past your current circumstances.

One of the most critical and complicated aspects of property division is factoring in your retirement needs. This involves accounting for all the assets eligible for division and deciding how to handle those assets.

A father's knowledge and wisdom means the most to his child

Perhaps you consider yourself an average man, but have you ever thought about all the things that you have learned in your life? Just stop and consider the skills you have acquired. Maybe you know how to play a sport or fish or build things. Or perhaps you have talents in cerebral areas such as computer programming, math or writing.

A discovery order can help bring hidden assets to light

One of the most important required steps in a divorce involves each spouse formally revealing the total value of his or her assets and property. It takes an accurate valuation to create a fair and reasonable settlement. Unfortunately, the National Endowment for Financial Education states that almost 30 percent of Americans admit they have been deceptive with partners regarding finances.

How can I make up the time lost with my child due to deployment?

Perhaps no one appreciates the time spent with family members as much as the servicemen and servicewomen of the armed forces. Because they may spend much of their time away from home, they understand how precious every moment spent with a loved one can be. And this is especially true if that loved one is the service member's son or daughter.

Children should be able to express themselves regarding custody

If you are a mother who has recently dissolved your marriage, you may rightfully have some apprehension regarding how your child is handling the situation. Of course, you understand that the divorce is intended to create a more stable situation for everyone involved. But it is a big change for a child when his or her parents are no longer in the same home.

Prenuptial agreements are beneficial for same-sex couples

Since the United States Supreme Court's decision regarding the Obergefell v. Hodges case, it has been legal all across the country for same-sex couples to get married. And while this right had already been available in many states, Texas was behind the curve. But while the advent of same-sex marital rights is a wonderful step forward, it created some legal circumstances that require acknowledgment.

For many years, cohabiting same-sex couples in the Lonestar State had some options available in lieu of marriage, including civil unions. This means that there are people who had been part of long-term relationships who opted for marriage when they were availed of the opportunity.

What can I do to prepare for a military divorce?

The armed services can help prepare an individual to face extremely dangerous challenges. And it is imperative for a soldier to keep his or her emotions in check when engaging in particularly hazardous activities. But even if you can keep your composure when surrounded by chaos, you still might not be prepared for the barrage of difficulties you may encounter when going through a divorce. And being in the military can make things even more arduous.