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October 2016 Archives

How detailed should my property valuation be?

Typically, a divorce that involves the division of high-value assets is going to prove complicated. And if you are a business owner, you will have the extra responsibility of submitting a summary of your company's worth. But in doing so, you will need to decide just how detailed a summary is needed for your set of circumstances.

A domestic abuser may use children to control your relationship

It can be difficult and frightening to try to make a clean break from a relationship in which there is domestic violence. And if the abusive party is also your child's other parent, the situation is that much more daunting. The fact is, even after you are able to extricate yourself from your partner, child custody issues will keep the two of you connected for some time to come.

Playing to win can help fathers achieve custody goals

In far too many cases, the phrase, "child custody battle," is not the least bit hyperbolic. Child custody disputes can become fraught with emotions and the time spent trying to work out an acceptable resolution can feel like a form of combat. And if you are a father who is facing having your conflict settled in a courtroom, it is best you go into the situation prepared.

Courts require valid reasons for modifying visitation rights

If you are a divorced parent and your ex has visitation rights, the two of you will be interacting as long as your custody agreement is in effect. Hopefully, you have found ways to peacefully coexist. But unfortunately, some divorced couples continue to have problems well after the final decree is signed. And perhaps you are at serious odds with your child's other parent, and you want nothing more than to modify the custody agreement to limit or eliminate his or her visitation rights.

There are many ways to stay close to your child while deployed

If you are a military parent, you face many challenges in regard to spending time with your children. This is especially true during times of deployment when you and your children could be half a world apart. At such times, it can be difficult to maintain the kind of relationship that you would enjoy if you were all living under one roof. But there are ways to stay connected to your children, even when you are far away serving your country.