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September 2016 Archives

Distance dictates visitation terms in Texas

If you are a non-custodial father, Texas law provides you with certain rights regarding visitation. These rights are part of the Standard Possession Order, which covers typical child custody situations. However, the specifics of your visitation schedule are contingent upon the distance you live from your child's primary place of residence.

Retirement accounts require proper valuation during divorce

Older married couples are divorcing at an ever increasing rate. And while it is often the wisest choice to end a relationship that is no longer working, those who are approaching retirement age face some very serious settlement decisions. The fact is, once you are in your 50's or 60's you will need to retain every possible financial benefit that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse acquired over the years.

Pride event features fun for LGBT families and friends

One of the most positive developments in American society has been the increased acceptance of those who are part of the LGBT community. Of course, we still have a ways to go before reaching full enlightenment and there may always be resistance in certain quarters. But still, we have good reason to believe that as time moves on things will continue to improve.

Employment opportunities limited for military spouses

Anyone who goes through a divorce will be faced with many challenges. The divorce process can be emotionally taxing as well as complicated. And if you are divorcing a military spouse, your challenges can be especially daunting. For one thing, you have spent the better part of your marriage supporting your spouse's efforts while certain aspects of your life have been set aside. And this could include sacrificing your career aspirations by following your spouse to his or her various locations of duty.

Consistent relationship with child affects custody case outcomes

In many ways, the issues faced by divorcing same-sex couples are no different from those faced by their different-sex counterparts. But child custody can present unique challenges. This is because even if both parties share in the parenting duties, it is possible that only one party is biologically related to the child.

Changes in expenses can call for changes in child support

The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said, "there is nothing permanent except change." This idiom can be applied to virtually every aspect of life. And if you have children, you can track their changes simply by looking at the markings you make in the door jam to measure their height. They grow so fast, and their needs can also change greatly over time. Where once diapers and baby food signified the greatest expenses involved in raising your child, you may now be facing new costs that are higher than expected.

Protecting children from divorce conflicts is vital

If you are a parent who is on the verge of divorce, your relationship with your soon-to-be ex-spouse is likely quite contentious at present. And if there are serious disputes as you proceed through the divorce process, it is possible that your animosity could increase.

Fathers help sons stand on their own two feet

Sometimes, fathers are not aware of their influence on their sons. If you are a father, your guidance can have a profound effect on many aspects of your son's life. In fact, your relationship with your son could alter the course of his growth into manhood.

Surprise divorce papers may be culmination of long-term plan

Being served divorce papers without warning can leave anyone reeling. But as hard as it may be to accept, it is very possible that your soon-to-be ex-spouse has been planning the split for some time. And if this is the case, it would not be surprising if he or she has also been hiding assets in an effort to keep them from being divided in the settlement.