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July 2016 Archives

Children should be able to express themselves regarding custody

If you are a mother who has recently dissolved your marriage, you may rightfully have some apprehension regarding how your child is handling the situation. Of course, you understand that the divorce is intended to create a more stable situation for everyone involved. But it is a big change for a child when his or her parents are no longer in the same home.

Prenuptial agreements are beneficial for same-sex couples

Since the United States Supreme Court's decision regarding the Obergefell v. Hodges case, it has been legal all across the country for same-sex couples to get married. And while this right had already been available in many states, Texas was behind the curve. But while the advent of same-sex marital rights is a wonderful step forward, it created some legal circumstances that require acknowledgment.

What can I do to prepare for a military divorce?

The armed services can help prepare an individual to face extremely dangerous challenges. And it is imperative for a soldier to keep his or her emotions in check when engaging in particularly hazardous activities. But even if you can keep your composure when surrounded by chaos, you still might not be prepared for the barrage of difficulties you may encounter when going through a divorce. And being in the military can make things even more arduous.

Fun is fine, but visitation is best for bonding

If you are a divorced or divorcing father, you have likely realized that the signing of your final divorce decree and parenting agreement signifies a new beginning every bit as much as an end. Yes, your marriage for all intents and purposes is over, but your relationship with your child now begins anew. And if you are now limited by visitation rules to seeing your child only during designated times, you want to make your every minute together count. But it is important to remember that sometimes less is actually more.

How can I get an accurate valuation of marital property?

When a couple with a high level of wealth divorces, the division of property can prove complicated. The aim of the division process is to make sure that each party receives his or her fair share of the marital assets. But this task is made difficult due to the fact that the value of some of these assets may not be readily apparent. In fact, there can even be disputes regarding exactly what a given asset is truly worth.

A father's love can pay big dividends for a daughter

Much is made about the special bond that exists between fathers and sons. It is typically taken as fact that a father's influence has a great deal of importance in the life of a growing boy. But let us not overlook the role that fathers play in the lives of their daughters.

Addiction can play a role in determining custody

Being married to someone with a substance abuse problem can be very difficult. So often, individuals with drug problems are not bad people, but their behavior is dictated by their need to satisfy the demands of their addiction. As such, addicts can be unpredictable and even dangerous to themselves and others.

Some same-sex marriages thrive while others may falter

Just around a year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states. News of this ruling created jubilation across the country, especially in states such as Texas, where marriage between gay partners had been prohibited. And many happy couples wasted no time before tying the knot.

Certain behaviors may indicate a spouse is hiding assets

The last days of a marriage are often laden with anxiety, distrust and deeply hurt feelings. But typically such emotions are the culmination of many years of personal issues. And perhaps when you reflect on how your relationship deteriorated you may be able to identify specific moments when things changed. You may also recognize certain behaviors exhibited by your spouse that indicated that something was not quite right.

How do you choose the right state for a military divorce?

If you are a spouse in a military marriage and are facing the prospect of divorce, one of your most important decisions involves choosing a state in which to file. Because service members are forced to move so often, military couples have greater leeway than civilian couples when picking a filing state. But before making your choice, you will want to do some research and find the answer to some basic questions.