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February 2016 Archives

Visitation may be the better option for some parents

It is not easy being a parent. Whether or not two people are ready to have a child, they have to be prepared to take on the responsibilities that go along with raising that child. Unfortunately, not all people are able to prepare themselves in the ways that are necessary. For that reason, when parents are discussing a child custody arrangement, the parent who is not the primary care provider may be better off only having visitation.

Can I file for divorce while my spouse is away on active duty?

There are many tough decisions in life. Getting married may not be a tough decision, but making the decision to divorce certainly can be. Marriage isn't always easy. It can be especially challenging for those who are in the military. Regular paychecks and health care are perks for those in the military but the amount of time spent apart can be a big stressor in the marriage.

Why should I disclose all of my property and assets?

Divorce is never easy. Whether it was because of emotions and disappointment about the marriage not working out or because of unresolved disputes, it is common for people to have some difficulty when they are divorcing. Sometimes, this difficulty can come from people not doing what is asked of them and them failing to follow divorce laws. 

What rights can a child obtain after paternity is established?

Establishing paternity is important if a father wants to provide for a child and be part of his or her life. Ideally, when a father makes the decision to be in his child's life and build a relationship with him or her, they will be there to support them financially, mentally, emotionally and more. A father should not just be a financial resource.

Determining which spouse will be awarded alimony

After a couple makes the decision to divorce and takes the first steps in the process, there will come a point that they will need to discuss things like the division of marital property and other divorce legal matters. Depending on the couple, when they are discussing certain divorce matters, things will go smoothly, but not everyone can agree on these things and avoid a dispute. For those who are going through a high asset divorce, it can be especially difficult to work together and agree on the terms of their divorce.

Singer Chris Brown may lose visitation with daughter

One of the best things that can come from a child custody battle for a parent is that they get to spend time with their child. Some may only be awarded visitation, but this still allows them to see their child and maintain a relationship. Ideally, when this happens, parents should use this time to show that they can be a good parent and have their child's best interests in mind. Unfortunately, not all parents do this.