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March 2015 Archives

Rights of unmarried fathers before the birth of their child

Unmarried men usually have a more difficult time making decisions for their child before and after they are born. This is because the woman carrying the child has certain rights to her body and her privacy. Sometimes this can make it difficult for unmarried fathers, or soon to be fathers, to feel like they are a part of the child's life and are able to make decisions for that child. However, all is not lost; there are a few options for fathers' seeking rights of their unborn child.

Eva Mendes claims to know the real reason for divorce in America

Couples everywhere have heard the jarring news reports related to divorce rates across the country. Some are even in the midst of their own divorce, or contemplating one in their near future. There are many reasons couples today choose to divorce. Sometimes, financial decisions and money have a lot to do with the arguments between two people. However, Eva Mendes claims to know the real reason for divorce in America.

What is parental alienation and how does it affect child custody?

When people hear the phrase "parental alienation", many aren't sure what to make of it. However, this is a term commonly referred to in child custody hearings, and it is used to describe an effect that a parent's actions toward the other parent have on a child. it is certainly not something a parent wants to be accused of promoting, as a parent who is exhibiting behavior that is characterized as parental alienation could face repercussions in child custody decisions.

Need help establishing fair asset value? Allow us to help

For some couples, divorce is an amicable situation between two adults who may not be able to live together anymore, but can agree on how divorce should proceed. For others, it is not this simple. When it comes to a divorcing party who cannot see whether it is more lucrative to settle or litigate, allow the legal professionals at the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton to help. We have experience of over 30 years specializing in family law and can help guide you through this difficult time.

Transferring assets in a Texas divorce, a taxable event?

High asset divorces are certainly subject to many questions concerning how much property from a divorcing couple's financial portfolio will be divided. Assets can range from pensions, stock options, real estate and even art. You can bet that these are all considered into the equation when totaling marital property. But what asset transfers during property division decisions can be subject to taxes? This is an important question to ask when you are interested in protecting your assets in a divorce.

Texas State Health Services reports 62,196 kids in 2012 divorce

With divorce splashed across the news nationwide, many aren't sure what this means for marriage and families. Are more marriages beginning, ending or never formed in the first place? Are high divorce rates any kind of a deterrent for couples thinking of entering into a legal union? A recent report has compiled a list of divorce facts directly from Texas' Department of State Health Services.

Can parents in Texas create a parenting plan out-of-court?

When it comes to determining conservatorship of a child (i.e. child custody) and possession of the child (i.e. visitation rights), it is often in the best interests of all involved to try to reach an amicable settlement out of court. This could lead to less stress for both parents. Also, having more of a say in the final parenting plan may make it easier for each party to stick to it. In addition, going through the process of creating a parenting plan could provide a solid basis for future cooperation on the part of each parent. In fact, Texas law recognizes the benefits of an agreed parenting plan and addresses the parents' right to create one.

Federal law protects service members' rights in a divorce

Military families in Texas are often under a lot of stress because the time the service member must spend away from his or her family and because of frequent moves. This stress, combined with other factors, could lead military spouses to decide that getting a divorce is in their best interests. In such situations, it is important for the divorce process to run smoothly and fairly for both spouses. When one spouse is actively deployed, this can complicate matters. Fortunately, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act addresses this situation and helps protect the rights of those in the armed forces and other service members who are on active duty.