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December 2014 Archives

Comedian Chris Rock announces divorce from his wife

Most people know Chris Rock from his stand-up comedy days in the early 2000's. Many people in the Sugar Land area have probably enjoyed both his stand-up work and his movies. Recently, however, Rock has been making headlines for other reasons.

Why unmarried fathers should seek child custody in Texas

In our last post, we discussed the rights that unmarried fathers' are entitled to under the law. However, under Texas law, if a father does not have, at a minimum, joint custody, he is unable to make any real decisions for the child. This is why unmarried fathers should consider seeking child custody. If a father wants to make decisions and influence the child's life in a stronger way, the only way to legally do this is by achieving sole or joint custody.

Things unmarried fathers should know about child custody

As a father who is not married to your baby's mother, you will likely have questions about your legal rights. Many fathers may assume that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to child custody and visitation. However, unmarried fathers are guaranteed certain rights to their child under Texas law.

What is different about physical and legal custody?

When deciding to separate from your spouse, you both may have some questions. For divorcing couples who have children, there are a few different ways that child custody can be handled. As always, it is best to keep the best interests of the child in mind when making this decision. There are a few different types of child custody that divorcing couples should be aware of.

Man denied Texas driver's license due to gay marriage certificate

Many residents of this state await the argument to be held shortly in the Fifth Circuit Court of Apppeals regarding same-sex marriage in Texas. Meanwhile, an interesting story has been released regarding an Iowan who recently moved to Texas. He claims he was discriminated against at a Texas DMV when he went in to apply for an updated driver's license. He was unable to acquire his license, and it wasn't because of his driving record.

You need experience handling your high asset divorce

You have spent years saving and preparing your financial nest-egg. Now you and your spouse decide you want a divorce, which often comes with an array of financial concerns. How will the finances be handled in the divorce, you wonder? Do not worry, the legal team at the Law Office of Michael D. Tracton has over 30 years of experience with high asset divorces.

Tips for getting the most out of a high asset divorce

Some divorces are extraordinary in the complexity of the financial portfolio involved and the sheer value of assets a divorcing couple has accumulated over the years. To complicate it further, a stake in a business could be involved or assets that one spouse accumulated before the marriage. There are some special things that divorcing couples in Texas should consider when divvying marital property in a high net worth divorce.

The 10/10 rule and dividing retirement pay in military divorce

As we have previously discussed, military divorce is in several important respects regulated by different rules than regular divorce. This is based on the type of benefits military members and their families receive because of military service. There are a couple of rules that have a big impact on military divorce settlements. One is the 10/10 rule and the other is legal regulations that govern jurisdiction.

How would my military pension be handled in a divorce?

While couples in Texas can find divorce to be complicated and stressful, military families may have to struggle especially hard to navigate through a divorce. Many Texas families have one or both spouses either serving in or retired from the military. During a divorce, how are military pensions, salaries and benefits counted during this time of change? It is handled differently than non-military families and it can be a more complex divorce if one or more spouses are on active deployment.