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Judge serves lien on Deon Sanders' Texas home after divorce

Having a high net worth does not guarantee a happy marriage. Even people with lots of money struggle with keeping their marriages intact and have their fair share of problems. The fairly public high net worth divorce between Deon Sanders and his ex-wife has been splashed across the tabloids again. This time a judge has supposedly put a lien on the home he owns in Texas for legal fees related to the divorce.

This is the one divorce that just won't die. Although everything is more or less finalized with the ex Houston football star, Deon Sanders' divorce, his name still manages to show up in the tabloids. Reportedly, Deon still owes his ex-wife's attorney $275,000 in legal fees related to the divorce. The attorney has now filed papers that put a lien on his home until he pays his alleged debt.

Sanders and his ex-wife reportedly had a publicly volatile relationship. Things were very heated between Sanders and his ex and domestic violence allegations surfaced when the two were married. If Sanders does not pay what is allegedly owed, he could lose the house in an auction to cover those legal fees. Sanders argues that the lien on his home is unfair, because it is a place his children call home.

Although the divorce has been finalized, it took a lot of time and legal expertise in order for the two to dissolve the marriage. Whether someone is seeking compensation from an ex-spouse or looking to lower or eliminate payments, a legal professional can help divorcing couples reach an agreement.

Source: The Inquisitr, "Deion Sanders Sees House Slapped With Lien," Aug. 9, 2014

Source: The Inquisitr, "Deion Sanders Sees House Slapped With Lien," Aug. 9, 2014

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