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May 2013 Archives

The impact emotions have on Texas divorce settlements

Fort Bend County spouses sometimes hurry through divorce to avoid an unwanted, unpleasant state of mind. Matrimonial attorneys often don't agree that divorces should be expedited, but legal advisers understand motivations spouses have to avoid unwanted stress.

Bling backlash: Former Texas athlete wants ring he gave ex

Mario Williams is a successful National Football League player. The former Houston Texan is now a defensive end for the Buffalo Bills, comfortable with a $100 million job contract. The athlete probably never imagined the transition would include a family law dispute.

Judge's child support decision favors former Texas NBA player

The professional basketball season has not been a healthy one for ex Dallas Maverick point guard Steve Nash. The former Texas athlete struggled to overcome a broken leg and other medical issues that kept him on the Los Angeles Lakers' bench for 34 games.