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February 2013 Archives

Texas prenuptial agreements test marriage strengths

Texas matrimonial lawyers learn through experience what makes marriages crumble. Couples who separate and divorce often have financial issues that include widely divergent views on how to save or spend money. Some divorce litigators suggest prenuptial agreements prevent rude awakenings about finances after marriage.

Supreme Court and Texas considering same-sex law changes

Texas voters overwhelmingly backed a statewide ban on same-gender civil unions and marriages eight years ago. Some state lawmakers are willing to bet that voters have had a change of heart about family law since the 2005 decision.

Name of ex Houston Astro appears in divorce testimony

Jeff Bagwell was a first baseman for the Houston Astros for 15 years. The retired ballplayer recently made headlines that had nothing to do with his long-time athletic career. Bagwell was named as a third-party in an acrimonious divorce.

Texas employers may make few exceptions for dad duties

Fort Bend County dads may not get the short end of the stick when it comes to paychecks but can suffer discrimination for taking active roles in their children's lives. Salaries for men are often higher than women. The trade off in some workplaces can be rigid schedules that allow men no time for parenting duties.