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October 2012 Archives

Couples request more pre- and post-weddings contracts

The oddest requests are beginning to show up in agreements that couples sign before and after they marry. Texas family law attorneys say couples have added financial punishments and benefits to prenuptial agreements over provisions like weight, infidelity, hair color and sex.

Texas kids due nearly $10.8 billion in child support

There are two reasons 460,000 noncustodial Texas parents did not live up to the financial obligations they owed their children in 2011: Parents could not afford to pay child support or refused to make the payments.

Can prenuptial agreements be invalidated?

States and courts have rules that vary when it comes to prenuptial agreements. The private contracts are signed before marriage to divide marital assets, according to a couple's wishes in the event of divorce.

Travis County tracks Texas deadbeat parents to pay up

Divorced parents who are not primary custodians of their children sometimes dislike the regimented scheduling, time constraints and brevity of visitations. When ex-spouses feel minimized by a parent-child relationship, bitterness can sometimes lead a withdrawal of child support.

Could a Texas child custody case get any more complicated?

An unusual court battle pits the father of twins against a woman who claims she shares parental rights. The unique Harris County case involves a 47-year-old woman who thought she became a mother last summer, only to have the sperm donor get child custody.