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September 2012 Archives

Child poverty in Texas worst among overburdened single moms

The global recession and its aftermath have been hard on wage earners. Competition for hard-to-get jobs is fierce. Members of one group -- single mothers - are often forced into taking multiple, low-wage jobs to meet minimum living costs. Even then, some aren't making ends meet.

Bill calls for restrictions in Texas Grandparent Access law

A 43-year-old Lubbock woman is locked in a dispute with her parents over the custody of the Texas woman's son. The court argument between the 15-year-old's mother and the teen's out-of-state grandparents has roused some Texas officials to clarify child custody laws.

Texas's Chris Bosh bashed about residency in custody battle

Professional basketball player Chris Bosh told a family court judge and several lawyers that he lived in Texas. The Miami Heat player argued about his residency status as part of a lengthy child custody dispute with an ex-girlfriend.

Cooperation makes school days easier for divorced parents

Imagine how difficult it would be for an adult to adjust to a new boss, job expectations and work environment every year. Children make the change annually, each time they advance to another grade. Kids seem to transition naturally from one big milestone to the next, a feat that can be much harder for adults.