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Understanding the benefits of a prenuptial agreement for anyone

There are a variety of misunderstandings associated with prenuptial agreements, the benefits of prenuptial agreements and what they do. Prenuptial agreements can be useful not just for the wealthy. Prenuptial agreements allow couples planning to marry to outline property rights and other considerations prior to their marriage. Couples entering a marriage may rightfully have a variety of concerns prenuptial agreements can address.

How divorce could impact your child with autism

Divorce is often a watershed moment for children and teens. It can change everything in their lives, from where they go to school and where they live to their feeling of security. When your child has specific struggles with emotional and social issues, divorce can have a lasting and confusing impact on the child. Autistic children often have intense emotions that they can struggle to communicate effectively at younger ages. As a result, these children need special support and engagement during divorce proceedings. Being proactive in your approach is the best way to protect autistic children.

Could a postnuptial agreement help save your struggling marriage?

Most people are familiar with the concept of the prenuptial agreement. These documents outline legal expectations for a marriage, including issues like adultery, division of assets in case of a divorce and even expectations about the number of children the couple will have. If you are already married and considering divorce because of issues in your marriage, you might consider a postnuptial agreement. Like prenuptial agreements, these documents help couples outline the expectations of each party for the duration of the marital union. The postnuptial document is executed during, not before the marriage.

How does a prenuptial agreement work?

One of life's most painful events is a divorce; the emotional and financial cost can be significant. The emotional costs may be beyond protection, but the proper use of a prenuptial agreement can protect personal assets from a lengthy divorce proceeding and from unnecessary dissipation in a property division dispute.

Can you get a prenup to protect ideas?

The new hot commodity in the evolving “information economy” are ideas. It seems all you need to make it big is have a great idea for an app and develop it. While the idea economy coalesces around this concept, divorce and family law is also embracing it. Many divorce couples now fight about in-development ideas and over who gets a share of the proceeds or businesses that spring from that idea. To address these concerns, some couples are now getting prenuptial agreements for their ideas. So the short answer is yes, you can get a “prenup” to protect an idea during divorce.

Some information on divorce from a family law attorney, Part 1

You may be wondering about what inside knowledge a family law attorney may have on divorce rates and trends. Divorce is a complex topic that spans economic, sociological, familial, religious, and government areas. There are very few hard and fast rules to explain why someone does or does not get divorced. One attorney shared their insight, and their inside information is discussed below.

Bill in state legislature would limit "no-fault" divorce

A recent hearing in the Texas state legislature put the spotlight on a bill that is intended to make divorce more difficult in the state. The bill, known as HB 65, cleared its first major hurdle in the legislature and is now pending in a committee. Reporters say it is likely to move out of committee and go to the full legislature for a vote sometime this year. If it becomes law, the bill would make a major change to the state's "no-fault" provision in divorce law.

If divorce is in your future, start preparing now

If you are starting the divorce process, you have some work ahead of you. You may not have ever expected to be in this position, but you now must seriously act in your own best interests, which may be in serious conflict with your soon-to-be ex's desires. The fact is, it is imperative that you protect yourself financially in every way possible. Whatever you have after the divorce is settled will be the foundation of your life moving forward.

A protective order could prove vital during a divorce

It takes bravery to leave an abusive marriage. Far too often, victims in abusive marriages feel trapped and continue to suffer for years because they fear what may happen if they leave. And this fear can be well-founded because abusers often become even more dangerous if they believe they are losing control over their victims.

Bill aims to make it more difficult to get divorced in Texas

Getting a divorce is not a move that people make casually. Even the simplest divorce can be fraught with emotional turmoil and financial expenses. And if a couple has been together for a long time or if there are children involved, the matter is that much more serious and consequential.

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