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Use of divorce forms argued among Texas attorneys

Texans who want to divorce but cannot afford an attorney may soon be given the chance to do it themselves with the use of standard divorce forms. Whether or when those divorce litigation forms will be used depends on the agreement of attorneys and lawmakers, who are currently battling over the issue.

Texas officer accused of saying "I do" after he already did

A veteran of the Houston Police Department is out of a job and under investigation after being accused of bigamy. The 34-year-old homicide detective may have married his third wife before a divorce from his second marriage was finalized.

More states consider updating, changing alimony laws

Alimony is getting a hard look in many states where the laws have not been reviewed in decades. Activists for reform of spousal maintenance argue that marriages are no longer unequal economic partnerships. Some advocates are arguing for alimony to be done away with, while others believe limits are the answer.

Being civil after divorce has benefits, especially for children

Communicating and cooperating with an ex-spouse may be the last thing a parent feels like doing after an emotionally draining divorce, but counselors encourage civility. Family law attorneys say divorced parents in Texas and elsewhere must keep the best interests of a child in mind.

Are you married under Texas common law?

Living together is a popular precursor or alternative to marriage. Cohabitating couples often believe that an unmarried relationship offers a divorce-free dissolution option. What live-in partners may not realize is they already may be married under Texas law.

Report: Cohabiting couples put off marriage to avoid divorce

A report from the Pew Research Center found that marriage rates have fallen to all-time low levels with the number of married couples only slightly greater than singles. Those who do marry are also tying the knot later in life. A companion study published in December probed the reasons why couples in Texas and elsewhere are hesitating to marry.

Kobe Bryant divorce may cost NBA star half his fortune

Wealth and fame do not guarantee that a spouse's divorce settlement is favorable or fair. Sometimes the mistakes of the very rich can teach those with fewer resources valuable lessons about settling property division during a divorce.

Use resources wisely for child and spousal support collection

A study recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that less than half of custodial parents get the complete amount of child support they are due. About 25 percent receives no child support, despite having formal or informal agreements with noncustodial parents.

Advisers say courts give child custody to parents who earn it

Mothers and fathers were not always viewed as equals by courts in the matter of child custody. At one time, a divorcing mother could be nearly certain that she would receive custody because of the primary caregiver role she played in a child's life.

Challenges faced by divorcing stay-at-home spouses

The decision to divorce brings about profound changes in both people's lives. Experts are quick to point out that one of the most long-lasting changes and challenges of divorce, especially for spouses who have not worked outside the home, is the financial one.

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