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Pre and postnuptial agreements clear financial air

Some couples view prenuptial agreements as guarantee of a future divorce. That opinion is fading as more engaged couples seek out premarital agreements to solve money problems that could happen due to divorce or a partner's death.

Courts keep parent-child lines open with virtual visits

One of the most difficult-to-manage changes for noncustodial parents is physical distance from children. Parental relocation following divorce is common for financial security or personal reasons. The move can be jarring for both the children and the noncustodial parent.

Rare Texas bigamy trial opens in Midland

A Texas jury will decide if the former president of a polygamy-supporting branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is a felon guilty of bigamy. State family law prohibits an individual from marrying multiple spouses, unless a divorce occurs in between each marriage.

The benefits of using CDFAs in later-age divorces

Divorce is not painless, but the process is often easier for younger couples, who can bounce back more quickly than older divorced couples. Long-married spouses have extensive histories of emotional and financial commitments that younger ex-spouses may not.

How to handle taxes during separation and divorce

If your marriage officially ended in 2011, even if the divorce decree came at the end of the year you may no longer file tax returns as a married person. According to the Internal Revenue Service, an individual's tax filing status is directly linked to marital status.

Sharing the news of a divorce with children

Everyone divorcing wants the process to go as smoothly as possible. That's even more important for children. Experts believe that splitting spouses can soften the blow by picking the right time, place and circumstances to deliver the news.

Texting, Facebook playing a greater role in divorce

Technology has transformed the way we communicate. Our conversations are now recorded on Facebook, in emails and in text messages. While most of us do not take heed of our social footprint, it is important to remember that electronic communications can have a significant effect on the lives of Texans outside the digital realm.

International custody dispute settled by child's age

A child growing up as the focus of an international custody dispute between his parents was recently resolved after a 10-year battle that eventually reached the United States' highest court. The case highlights the complexities around international custody disputes, and shows the need for parents to work together for the best interests of children.

Practicality makes prenuptial contracts popular

The signing of prenuptial agreements is often associated with the protection of individual assets in case a marriage falters and ends in divorce. Attorneys agree that prenuptial agreements reduce time in court, but add that the agreements serve a larger purpose. Provisions within a prenuptial agreement address how marital assets are divided during a divorce settlement. The measures also may apply if one spouse dies.

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