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Salvaging a small business during divorce

The livelihood of a Texas small business owner can be at stake during a divorce. A business is not like a car or a home, non-income producing marital assets which can often be sold readily or transferred to satisfy court-ordered property division.

Prenuptial agreements: unromantic, but practical

Attitudes are changing about financial contracts signed by Texas couples entering into marriage. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reported a 73 percent rise in popularity for prenuptial agreements among engaged couples in the last seven years.

Turning to trusts for asset protection during divorce

Flexibility has made trusts an indispensable item in many Texas estate plans. Trusts can help individuals achieve financial goals during life and beyond it and shelter assets from excessive taxes and creditors. Trusts may also be a smart way to shield separate assets during divorce.

Dallas parents question court drug tester's qualifications

Parents who fail court-ordered drug tests risk the chance to be with their children. Texas family court judges rely on specialists to conduct drug tests and translate results. But at least one Dallas County father believes the expert whose testimony caused him to lose visitation rights is not a qualified authority.

Jail time works for some Texas parents late with child support

Is sending a Texas parent to jail for failure to pay child support a good idea? Some analysts think incarcerating a mother or father is an extreme punishment for parents who may have the motivation, but not the ability, to make things right.

Texas spouse convicted of bribing judge over child custody

The wife of a Texas man supported her spouse's child custody case by bribing a judge, according to a Collin County jury. The 56-year-old defendant could be imprisoned for life for bribery, money laundering and organized crime.

NBA dad asks court for emergency custody order

Family courts in Texas and elsewhere consider changes in child custody agreements when current custody orders are unfavorable to, or endanger, the welfare of a child. Pro basketball player Dwyane Wade recently asked a court in his home state to terminate his ex-wife's visitation rights following her arrest for violating the couple's child custody arrangement.

Prenups benefit Texas couples of all ages and wealth levels

These days, many soon-to-be married partners in Texas want a little financial protection just in case their marriage is among the approximately 50 percent that fail. Many states recognize prenuptial agreements as contracts that add up and define separate and marital property.

Texas property laws kick in before and after marriage

Many people believe that the legal line between single and married is drawn sometime during a wedding ceremony. Laws can also affect an unmarried relationship, depending on where a couple lives and the commitments they make before getting married.

Ex Dallas Cowboy Deion Sanders to pay $10,500 in child support

The divorce, child support and domestic abuse cases of former Dallas Cowboys football star Deion Sanders and his estranged wife have made constant headlines since Sanders filed to end the couple's 13-year marriage in December. Several judges have ordered the battling spouses into their respective corners to limit some of the bitterness each has displayed in private and public.

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