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Marriage income shift causes new Texas divorce issues

The traditional top wage earners among married couples have been husbands, but times are changing. Women in Texas and across the U.S. have increased their presence in higher learning institutions and their influence in workplaces, leading to increased individual incomes.

How Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage affect Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court is considering two related cases that could change nationwide laws affecting legal relationships. Justices recently heard arguments over the abolition of the Defense of Marriage Act and states' rights to ban same-gender marriages.

Studies: Most children are resilient after divorce

A series of studies support the idea that children of divorce are not doomed to become maladjusted. In fact, research seems to indicate kids bounce back from the separation of their parents better than adults expect. The news is welcome to Fort Bend County parents who feel guilt or anxiety over their children's physical and mental health after divorce.

Check Texas property rights before you put a ring on it

The day a couple gets married, a husband and wife unite, but the rings become individual personal property. Property division disputes over engagement and wedding rings seem almost petty next to other big-ticket marital assets, but they have worth that other items may not- sentimental value.

A plan of action for Texas ex-spouse communications

Spouses who are open to negotiations, reasonable dialogue and compromise can reduce the tension level of a Fort Bend divorce. Unfortunately, one ex-spouse's effort to move through divorce sensibly often is not enough. Extreme emotional responses and reactions from the other ex-spouse add unwanted, unneeded stress.

Texas prenuptial agreements test marriage strengths

Texas matrimonial lawyers learn through experience what makes marriages crumble. Couples who separate and divorce often have financial issues that include widely divergent views on how to save or spend money. Some divorce litigators suggest prenuptial agreements prevent rude awakenings about finances after marriage.

Name of ex Houston Astro appears in divorce testimony

Jeff Bagwell was a first baseman for the Houston Astros for 15 years. The retired ballplayer recently made headlines that had nothing to do with his long-time athletic career. Bagwell was named as a third-party in an acrimonious divorce.

Texas employers may make few exceptions for dad duties

Fort Bend County dads may not get the short end of the stick when it comes to paychecks but can suffer discrimination for taking active roles in their children's lives. Salaries for men are often higher than women. The trade off in some workplaces can be rigid schedules that allow men no time for parenting duties.

Ex Dallas Cowboy wants speedier divorce, reduced child support

Deion Sanders was a powerful contributor to U.S. professional sports. Among other successes, Sanders helped lead the Dallas Cowboys to a win in Super Bowl XXX and also lent his considerable talents to several Major League Baseball teams.

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